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Extraordinarily normal stories is a journey in the lives of disabled men and women and their families described through their emotions, their feelings, their moods, because these are the very people who identify the listener in the speaker (spectator and protagonist).

It is a look without filters at ordinary people, disabled from birth or as a result of an accident, or who have sacrificed their lives for others in fulfilling their duty.

People who live with an irreversible destiny, face and overcome impossible challenges; stories with a happy ending of those who have been able to seize and make use of new opportunities that life has offered them and thus become examples, role models and a reference point for others.

People who refuse to accept words like limits, special, disabled, hero and barriers, but who imagine a world where there is no marginalisation and there are no categories and differences relating to their physicality or the way they move, communicate or are.

It is the portrait of an Italy that we like, a country that is supportive and generous, that does not give up, that fights for itself and for others, that reproposes sound and fundamental values ​​for the life of all of us in a historical period that is characterised by a dearth of positive role models and examples.

The format


Stories that weave together over six episodes each running 52’ and selfstanding , with a main theme, a sort of intimate documentary where the protagonists, who are real people and not actors, reveal and talk about their often-conflicting emotions and feelings.

In each episode, there is:

•  a testimonial

•  two/four main protagonists

•  family members, friends, colleagues

The testimonial/presenter is a disabled person who introduces the topic of the episode.

Martina Caironi, the 100m gold medallist at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympics, has confirmed her interest in the project and would be available to present the programme.